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History and basics of Pool Tables

Pool, was earlier known as pocket billiards and it was basically originated in Northern America. It is one of the most popular family recreational games and also played at the competitive level. It is played on a table with six holes or commonly known as pockets. There are many versions of this game and the two most popular versions are the 8 ball pool game and the 9 ball pool game.

In the eight ball pool game, we have 2 sets of 7 balls. One set of 7 balls is called the solids and the other set is called the stripes, making a total of 14 balls. Apart from these we have a black ball which generally numbered 8, and finally we have a white ball, which is called as the cue ball. The aim of the game is to pocket all the balls through the cue ball with the help of a pool stick commonly called the cue. The cue ball is struck and directed by the stick and through the cue ball the other balls are pocketed in the holes. Out of all the balls the “8” ball is pocketed last, and the first person to pocket their set of solids or stripe balls and finally the black 8 ball, wins the game.

You can learn more about 8 ball pool
game here.

Affordable pool tables

Now let’s look at the equipment:-

1) Pool table
Size:- 3.5ft(1.07m) by 7ft(2.13m) to 4.5(1.37m) to 9ft(2.74m).

They range from 2.25inches in diameter to 2.375m.
Weight of the balls are around 5.5 to 6 oz(156-170grams)

3)Cue Sticks
They are generally up to 58.5 inches i.e 148.6cms


Choosing the right Cheap Pool Tables

Pool is a fun game to play with your family and friends and it would be great to have a personal pool table for your own place.

But buying pool tables can get a bit costly. So we need to look into some sources where we can find cheap pool tables for sale.

A good option can be to buy a used pool table, but few things need to be considered before buying a used pool tables. You need to make sure that the structure of the pool table is still strong, the rails are not weak or moving, there is no incline in the surface of the pool table and also the felt should be of good quality.

Here is a video that can help you with buying used cheap pool tables.



Maintenance of pool tables

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When you think of adding a pool table to your game room, just buying an expensive pool table does not end the story there. If you need a good ROI-Return on Investment, you need to actually look after the pool table or in other words maintenance of pool tables is very important. Lets look into somethings you need to take care of as part of maintenance of pool tables.

First of all lets start with the basics:-

  • Brush the table regularly- Pick out the tiny dust particles regularly that settle on the surface with time. They may not seem significant, but its something that needs to be taken care of for the long run.

  • Its a table not a bed or sofa- Avoid unnecessary leaning, climbing, jumping etc, on the table. Though the table is built to withstand heavy loads, as the game to involves some climbing on the surface, its still better to be safe than sorry.

  • Cover the pool table after the game

Now let’s look at some of the things that are not too common:-

  1. Temperature:- Yes! The temperature can be a contributing factor in the early failure of a pool table and if its not going to fail, its going to fade for sure. Many people place the pool table in the room where this is a fireplace. In such cases when the room gets hot, it starts affecting the look of the pool table. Slowly and steadily, the pool tables starts to lose its lustre and shine. The part that is affected the most is the pool table felt or cloth which would fade eventually.

    Solution: Just buy a cover(generally comes with the pool table) and cover the pool table regularly after playing.

  2. Humidity:- Humidity or moisture is another factor that affects the life of the pool tables. You want the right amount of humidity in the air, not too much and not too less. If you live in an area where the climate is very dry, there are good chances the moisture is soaked out of the pool table wood and is susceptible to developing cracks.

    Solution:- Buy a small humidifier.

    On the contrary, if there is too much moisture in the air the wood can absorb more moisture than required and can lead to weakening of the pool table structure.

  3. Frequent Checks:- These are really important! We as customers are capable of looking at some common factors which can cause problems, but it is always better to call an expert at regular intervals of a few months to check for the issues that are not visible to common people like us.

  4. Pets and Kids:- Mischievous pets and kids are something that need to be taken care of, they can cause damage to the pool table cloth by dirtying it or by ripping and scratching it.

Hope the above measures would help you make your pool table’s life really long!


Pool Table Lights Buying Guide

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Would you prefer any lights for your game room which has a pool table or would you go for proper pool table lights?

If you want to buy good Pool Table Lights, below are some good tips:-

  • Avoid using any old lights- Its important to have the right light settings for your game room and you are certainly not going to get it if your using old pool table lights. Its better to invest some extra bucks than crying over spilt milk later.

  • Choose the right people for installing the lights- If you are not experienced with setting up such lights for your game room, its always better to hire an experienced person, electrician in particular who know his job well. He can be able to do the job once and for all so that you dont have to worry in future.

  • Proper height- The proper height of installation of the lights is very essential. This includes proper distance from the pool table and also from the ceiling. The pool table lights should not be very close to the table as there may be chances of hitting it with the cue stick.

  • Not just the height, centering of the pool table lights is also very essential

  • Lastly the brightness should be just adequate, not too bright nor too dim.

A good place to buy pool table lights is CPT. Here is a link to their facebook page.

Hope this helped. Watch the video below for extra information.